Leslie P. Weiser, M.Ph., Ph.D

About Leslie Weiser

Leslie P. Weiser, M.Ph., Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist specializing in cognitive and behavioral therapy for children, families and couples. He splits his time between his private practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and McLean Hospital in Belmont, where he does research on developmental and behavioral psychology. Leslie Weiser is also an Associate Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and has been a clinical attending there since 1993. He co-founded the New England Center for Holistic Medicine in 1988.


After completing his Ph. D. in Child and Family Psychology at Syracuse University, Leslie Weiser went on to receive Post Doctorates in Couples and Family Therapt and Behavioral Medicine from Harvard Medical School and the Boston Institute for Behavior Medicine, respectively. He completed several internship programs, including an A.P.A.-approved internship in the department of psychiatry at the New England Medical Center and a fellowship at Harvard Medical School.


Leslie Weiser has published several articles and written countless more on topics such as eating disorders, adolescent sexuality and development in handicapped children. He is sometimes credited as Leslie P. Weiser or Leslie Philipp Weiser.

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